Selected network

After months spent on the ground, we are fostering a network of farmer associations dedicated to quality products and positive social impact.

Detailed Profiles

Each farmer association or independent farmer can create their own dynamic profile, providing buyers with insights into their history, goals and products.


We host the provision of services required to facilitate transparent trading: logistics partners, export and import agencies and quality control.

We provide you with the tools to connect with producers and choose your products. We manage everything else.


  • 1. MEET THE PRODUCERS. Get to know the farmers. Learn their stories through their profiles.
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  • 2. LEARN ABOUT THE PRODUCT. Find out all the facts you need about their product. Order a sample to ensure it is what you want.
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  • 3. KNOW YOUR COSTS. Order your desired quantity. Know exactly how much the farmer is receiving and all other charges from the product's origin to your destination.
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We are honored to work with these ambassadors of Colombian fine chocolate.


"We’re an association of small cacao farmers and do not have the capacity to open up national or international markets. Through Ynasu we realised our first transaction. Importantly, they also helped challenge us to provide an excellent quality product for a specialised market looking for fine cacao."

Luz Damary Ortiz, ACEFUVER

"Since we produce chocolate in the country of origin, direct sourcing is really important  for us. Ynasu helped us during all the process, from meeting with farmers to the final order. They ease the process to get the cacao from remote places."

David Côté, Melate Chocolate

"Ynasu carries out a noble and admirable cause by facilitating access to new and fair markets for rural producers, contributing to improve the quality of life for the families of farmers and the development of rural communities."

Jonnathan Villa, Government of Antioquia

We co-created the first National Chocolate Awards in Colombia, with great thanks to the Federación Nacional de Cacaoteros.