How it works

1. Meet the associations

Browse our growing network of 13 profiles representing 3,000 farmers.

We spent months visiting farmer associations in the Colombian countryside, so we can bridge the gap between you and them.

We select the associations based on the following criteria: professional organization, transparent hierarchy, fair labor conditions, quality of the product, and impactful social projects.

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2. Learn about the product

Every profile includes detailed information about each association and their activities and relevant technical information such as fermentation and drying time for each association’s product lines.

Once you’ve chosen your cacao, order samples from one or more associations by filling out the form available in each association or farmer profile. 

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3. Know your costs

After testing out the samples, place an order for a bigger quantity and let us know when you want it. We will then process the order. We are coordinating with qualified partners to take care of all the logistics to handle national transportation, international shipping, and warehouse storage.

We will try to match delivery times with other buyers in the same region to give you the best costs. Once everything is finalized, we will send you a detailed receipt with every cost from the farm-gate to the end destination, giving you complete transparency.

We encourage the potentiel buyers to meet the farmers directly. Let us know if you'd like to and we’ll connect you with them to arrange a visit.

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